Frequently Asked Questions About 10-Fold

What is 10-Fold? What’s The Advance?

10-Fold is a movement to raise awareness of projects of the General Board of Global Ministries around the world, supported through The Advance—the designated-giving arm of The United Methodist Church. This message of doing something (advocating, raising awareness, or giving) and watching it expand “10-Fold,” comes with the guarantee that 100 percent of all money raised through The Advance goes directly to the project you support or donate to.

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What does it mean to “be counted?”

By clicking on the site each day, you register your interest in a program, triggering $1 of support on your behalf, given by one of our sponsors.

What does it mean to “become an advocate”?

Becoming an advocate and being counted are very similar. Visit the site each day, trigger the $1 (given on your behalf), or take it one step farther and pass the word along. Our site is full of resources you can pass along: ‘Friend’ us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter; or create your own message for your own friends, encouraging them to visit the site and learn more.

How does my church become a sponsor?

Our sponsors for 2012 are still being identified and choosing the projects they’d like to pledge as statements of advocacy, so now’s a great time to get involved.

If you, your church or Annual Conference is interested in becoming a 10-Fold sponsor, please contact:

Don Temples, Director of Fund Development
212.870.3788, or

Wondering what’s required of a sponsor? Sponsors agree to promote 10-Fold, especially the day they’re sponsoring, and to offer $1 per advocate who signs up, up to a maximum of $10,000. Sponsors also pledge support through “prayer and share”: they’ll include the mission in their devotions and share information with their families, friends, colleagues, and fellow church members.

Where can I find printable resources?

Right here. Click the PROJECTS tab and see all 10 projects at any given time. Choose one, and see the long list of resources, by project, available for download.

Does the 10-Fold campaign accept text donations?

We would love to text with you! But, because most services charge a fee to do so, and we allocate 100 percent of your donation right to the project, we don’t.

If you want to receive deeper stories about our projects, or stay in touch with monthly webcasts, text "10-fold" to 30644. We’ll acknowledge right away that you’re interested in becoming an advocate and remind you in the future.

How do I financially support a project?

Click on our DONATE tab now. You’ll have access to all of 10-Fold’s projects and with one more click, can donate online, through The Advance. If you would like access to all projects supported and funded through The Advance, visit

Through this channel of giving, you may be able to find a project that speaks to you, needs your support, and in which you can make a significant difference.

If I can’t participate on a particular day, will I be able to access the material at a later time?

Absolutely. All of our project information, resources, and replays of live events are available within 24 hours of the project day. Check back to the website, find the project from the previous day through the PROJECT page, and see what you missed!

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